Local Roofing Company in Plymouth Save The Day

22 Sep 2016 admin

A local roofing company in Plymouth “Plymouth Roofers” saved the day today, after freak storms hit Plymouth many households and commercial properties were damaged.

A poor family had an unimaginable experience after part of their pitched roof collapsed due to the rotting timber, luckily no one was injured but that didn’t stop the rainwater entering their house through the huge whole in the roof.

The Edward’s family called Plymouth Roofers immediately desperate for help, the local roofing company had a team of roofers at the Edwards household in no less than twenty minutes. The team erected a temporary roof so that no more rainwater could enter before more serious damage was made.

Locals gathered in the pouring down rain to inspect the roof that had collapsed, after speaking with the locals a number of them mentioned how impressed they were with how the team of roofers took a beating from the weather but still continued to ensure the safety of this family’s property.

┬áStatement from the Edward’s family: ” We are deeply grateful for┬áPlymouth Roofers coming out to us in our time of need, they really did save the day, thanks again to Mark and his team of hard workers for getting our property protected – Trish, Craig, Matt and Louise.”

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